Homelessness & Health

Our Pledge

To help meet the needs of homeless people

To speak to homeless people with understanding and compassion.

To examine our policies and procedures to ensure they are homeless-friendly.

To train our staff to fully meet the needs of homeless people.

To work with our partners and include and encourage them to care for the homeless.

To act as a hub for our community in their efforts to help the homeless. 

Signposting Websites:

 Streetlink (www.streetlink.org.uk or 0300 5000 914)

The Pavement (www.thepavement.org.uk)

Homeless UK (www.homeless.org.uk)

Shelter (www.england.shelter.org.uk or 0808 800 4444)

www.bury.gov.uk or 0161 253 5537 for homeless information and advice locally