Our Story

At Inspire for Health our senior team have amassed over 30 years experience in General Practice and continually stay at the leading edge of knowledge, expertise and employing the latest techniques so as to deliver excellence in healthcare.

Our New Identity

Mile Lane Surgery and Redbank Group Practice have had a strong allegiance for many years.

However it is widely felt that Redbank Medical Group as the brand for both surgeries is not been balanced in terms of its wider meaning to patients, staff, partners and other stakeholders.

We have taken the bold move to create a new brand to present both of our services routed in the meaning of core vision.

Our new identity has been launched at an exciting time of change in the NHS and in particular the evolution of our services across both surgeries.

After collaboration with patient representatives and all practice staff we are now

Inspire for Health@Mile Lane


Inspire for Health@Redbank

Our new identity, Inspire for Health is based on our vision.

‘Every patient, every contact matters to us.’

In line with our values of delivering continuity and person centred care our new identity helps us communicate our core message ‘that your health matters to us and we inspire to strive to deliver a service that matters to you.’


Redbank Practice Logo

Redbank Group Practice

Sun Suite 2nd Floor
Radcliffe Primary Care Centre
69 Church Street West
M26 2SP

Tel: 0161 724 2040/41

Mile Lane Logo

Mile Lane Surgery

Mile Lane

Tel: 0161 764 7804