Why we are different

At Inspire for Health our core value is Person Centred Care and this mission drives all of our staff each and every day.

Dedicated Healthcare

We are one of the leading general practices in Lancashire/Greater Manchester providing dedicated person healthcare to individuals and families.  We aim to deliver excellence in healthcare for our patients and offer same day appointments and quick access to testing facilities.

We pride ourselves on personal care and are dedicated team of doctors, nurses, support personnel and administration staff all make a hugely valuable contribution to making this a reality.

Fundamental to looking after you is the provision of continuity of care and looking at your previous results so we can identify any changes which need to be dealt with

There are three main facets to the way we provide our services.


Accurate Diagnosis

Examination and assessment using the latest techniques and expertise.


Treatment Plan

Evidence based and tailored to your precise needs


Continuity and follow-up

We’ll provide care and support to help you with your recovery process

At Inspire for Health we’ll look after you, take away your stresses and anxieties away and ensure you get the best possible treatment.